Natural Treatments for Irregular Heartbeat

Irregular heartbeat can be minor annoyance to some people while it poses as a serious threat to others. This is because it can cause a variety of complications and issues such as sudden cardiac arrest. When an irregular heartbeat is uncontrolled there is a risk that it can further develop and lead to stroke and heart failure. This is the reason why many take this case seriously, looking for the necessary treatment to help them manage their heartbeat. Let us look at a few natural treatments for AFib.

Benefits of Going Natural

People today will not be finding any shortage of AFib treatments that are available on a regular day to day basis. Each of these treatments caters to the different preferences and needs of patients while at the same time offers their own unique approach to treatment. However, going natural also comes with their own set of advantages that benefits many AFib patients.

One of these benefits comes from the low cost of natural treatment alternatives. Most of the natural treatments often revolve around some lifestyle changes which will not only benefit your irregular heartbeat but also helps improve the overall quality of life of patients. This in turn allows them to manage AFib in an effective manner.

Treatment Alternatives

One of the biggest changes AFib patients are advised to do is to create a meal plan sticking to healthier diets especially since irregular heartbeats mean underlying health issues like heart disease. For that matter, patients are encouraged to eat anti-inflammatory foods that help lower the immune system’s overactive response. It is also important to achieve a balanced cholesterol level by adding healthy fats and animal protein in your daily diet.

For patients who are planning to go for a healthier meal plan, make sure to add fiber-rich, high-antioxidant foods, vegetables and fruits of all kinds, herbs and spices, legumes and beans, healthy fats, as well as raw, unpasteurized dairy.

Engaging in physical activity is also shown to provide positive results to AFib patients particularly on their cardiovascular health. Regular exercise helps improve blood pressure, lipid profile, and overall mortality. Another benefit this provides is that it helps people to maintain a healthy weight. It should be noted that people who are overweight are more likely to have higher incidence, prevalence, severity, and progression of atrial fibrillation compared to their normal weight counterparts. This is the reason why in order to maintain a healthy heart, people are advised to engage in daily physical activities. It is important to note that AFib patients may need the help of their health care providers in creating an exercise plan to avoid overexerting themselves.

Lifestyle changes also include cutting bad habits that can have a negative impact to your life. These include quitting smoking as well as reducing stress. In the United States alone, tobacco smoke is the single most important modifiable risk factor for coronary diseases. Stress on the other hand can have significant adverse effects on the heart which makes it important for patients to manage emotional stress, making it part of their treatment.



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